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Shenzhen Unitek Technology Co., Ltd. 

Unitek was founded in 2007 with its all professional optoelectronics staff installing the head office and the modern state-of-the-art manufacturing center in Shenzhen. Unitek is focused on the R&D, marketing and manufacturing of digital image products ranged from security camera such as law enforcement camera to consuming image product such as digital camcorder, hunting camera, fishing camera etc. Our product designing principle is that all products must be designed based on the market and our customers' need. With this principle and the support of our skilled engineers working for image field at least 12years, Unitek has developed to be the leader and innovator of security and consuming cameras in Shenzhen. With the development of these 10years, we have cooperated with many great clients all over the world for OEM and ODM project yet.

Customers' satisfaction is our eternal pursuit! 
Our company principles: live on quality and develop on service.
Our product designing principle: products designing based on customers' requirements and market need. 
All customers are warmly welcomed to cooperate for OEM and ODM project.

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